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How does it work?

Symptomate is very easy to use. Start by adding your symptoms. There’s no limit on how many can be added. After that, just answer a couple of quick questions. Once that’s done, you’ll get feedback about what the issue could be as well as what to do next.

At the end of each interview, you’ll receive a list of your most likely conditions. It’ll also include explanations, descriptions, and the recommended level of care you should seek. You can share this list with your doctor or keep it for yourself. The decision is yours.

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For whom?


  • 5 levels of medical care

  • simple language and common names

  • educational articles


  • pediatrics conditions

  • symptom pair analysis

  • body maps of children in different age groups

Family members

  • third-person mode

  • instructions and explanations

Symptomate is trusted by its users, who perform over 200,000 interviews every month.
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Over 14 million people have already used our technology to improve their lives!

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About Symptomate

Symptomate is a self-service symptom checker made by doctors for anyone wishing to learn more about their symptoms, find their possible causes, get guidance on what to do next, or just to better prepare for their medical appointment.

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Symptomate is a registered Class I medical device in the European Union. It is a medical device regulated by the FDA as a general wellness product in the US. It is not yet a licensed medical device in other countries, in particular in Canada nor Australia. For more information about territorial use, please see our Terms of Service.

Symptomate does not provide a medical diagnosis, and should not replace the judgment of a licensed healthcare practitioner. It provides information to help guide your decision making based on readily available information about symptoms. If you have any questions or concerns about the output of Symptomate, consult your licensed healthcare practitioner.