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We believe you, and your close ones, deserve to have access to reliable information on health, and Symptomate makes it happen. Born from doctors' passion for AI and rising technologies, it's always ready to support you with the right health recommendation.

What is Symptomate?

Symptomate is an intelligent tool for symptom checking made for you. Each time you go through it and add your symptoms, we adjust the interview to your state. It is possible thanks to our AI-based inference engine connected with our meticulous base of medical knowledge.

All its features are ready for you in 20 languages. So far, Symptomate was used over 10,000,000 times to help people get guidance towards their health.

  • 60,000

    hours of physicians’ work

    knowledge base
  • 10,000,000

    Interviews performed

  • 10 years

    of reasearch and development


Since its creation in 2012, Symptomate has evolved to be the most accurate and accessible symptom analysis tool available to anyone in need. For this reason, it is available for your private use at any time, for free. It also respects your privacy and security, as using Symptomate is always anonymous.

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Who makes this tool?

Symptomate is part of Infermedica. We created it based on the best practices carried out by our marvelous team of professionals, who aim to make primary care more accessible to everyone.

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So far, our physicians have spent over 60,000 hours on the analysis of medical knowledge and building complex medical models that lie in the database of Symptomate. Each day, they have support from our teams of scientists, who care about the precision of our intelligent engine, and engineers who shape it to ensure it’s adjusted to your needs and liking.

Infermedica specializes in early symptom assessment and digital triage solutions used by leading healthcare companies across the world.

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Symptomate is trusted by its users, who perform over 200,000 checkups every month.

How does it work?

Symptomate is really easy to use. Start by sharing the symptoms that are bothering you right now. You can add as many of them as you want. Then, just like with a real-life physician, answer several questions to help us understand your condition better.

At the end of each check-up, you will receive a list of the most likely conditions, including their respective explanation, description, and recommendation on the most suitable health care level. You can share them with your physician or keep them for yourself. The decision is yours.

Use it how you like it

Symptomate is available for you in many different ways. You can pick your favourite one or use them alternately, depending on the situation.

  • Web application

    Enter it via your favourite browser, on mobile and desktop devices.

  • Mobile app

    Add Symptomate to your home screen and use it whenever you want.

Get a symptom checker for your business!

The technology applied in Symptomate is used by healthcare facilities, insurance providers, and other companies to improve online, preliminary diagnosis and triage processes. Your business can benefit from it too.